Bachelor: Seminar in Accounting

General topic: Presentation and disclosure in financial reporting and their influence on the information’s decision usefulness.

  • We will analyze and compare financial statements of several companies and see how the presentation and disclosure of these financial statements influence the investors and other stakeholders in their decisions.
  • Specific topics will be discussed and assigned at the kick-off meeting.

Seminar language: English and German


  • We will use Moodle for all information exchange – documents, information, virtual sessions and office hours.
  • Please use only your official Uni. Mainz e-mail address for correspondence.
  • All information will be uploaded on Moodle!



  • To be announced soon!

Performance requirements for the seminar:

  • Mandatory full attendance at all meetings.
  • Exposé
  • Presentation of exposé (10 minutes + discussion)

Performance requirements for the thesis:

  • Thesis (approximately 20 pages long)
  • Mid-term meeting(s) – at least one during the two-month writing period



  • The seminar will be held in English and German language. This means that the presentations and papers in both languages are welcome and equally treated. The kick-off meeting (presentation) will be in English. However, the students may choose to write and present their exposé and bachelor’s thesis in English or German language. Correspondence is also possible in both languages.